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How does a sector federation anticipate fundamental changes in the industry? Cultuurconnect wanted to get a better understanding of the possible transformation of the cultural sector, to develop a vision for culture and performing arts in a post-covid world.

About the client

Cultuurconnect is a project and service organisation of the Flemish government. It was formed in 2015 from a merger between the former Bibnet and Locus. In cooperation with local cultural institutions, national and regional governments, international technology companies and small initiatives, Cultuurconnect works on digital forms of experiencing art and culture.


"Scopernia's approach to looking at both technological and societal changes has helped us gain a sharper view of the future of the Cultural Sector". Bart Beuten, General Manager Cultuurconnect 

Project Objectives

- Create future vision for the role of a cultural centre in a post-covid world
- Gain an optimistic perspective on the future of culture and entertainment in the context of digital and social transformation
- Create guidelines for Cultuurconnect as a supportive organisation for the industry


How does a sector federation anticipate fundamental changes in the sector? Cultuurconnect found itself in the middle of the Covid crisis when they reached out to us. The R&D team was working on digital solutions to facilitate different forms of culture. Because the world around them was changing so rapidly, they needed to rethink the scope of their projects. They saw two major, possibly conflicting evolutions in the market: the need for virtual cultural experiences and the need for physical connection.

We organised vision days where we presented an overview of relevant digital and societal trends. In co-creating with the team of Cultuurconnect, and a selection of cultural centres, we discussed the impact of these trends. The two main questions were: how big can this impact become, and how ready are we when these evolutions would actually happen? The biggest challenge was to think completely out-of-the-box on the most innovative, and therefore still abstract, future possibilities.

After setting the scene with different future scenarios, we determined the most likely choices. With these options in mind, a vision was developed for culture and performing arts in a post-covid world. In addition, the participants defined the role that Cultuurconnect as a supporting organisation, needs to play in this future, and what actions they should take to achieve this.


- An inspiring future vision as foundation for current and future digital culture experiences
- Guidelines for the strategic positioning of Cultuurconnect as a supporting organisation for the public cultural sector in Flanders

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