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Impact Series, part 1: Digital Transformation is dead, long live Impact Transformation!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Impact transformation visual by Scopernia

In this series of 5 blog posts, we make the case for the end of Digital Transformation as we know it. We present some radical new concepts such as Impact Transformation and the New Equilibrium. The goal is to introduce the framework needed to guide tomorrow's transformation. A transformation that is driven by both digital and social disruptions and that pursues financial, societal, and environmental returns as its outcome.

We no longer talk about "Digital Transformation", but rather about "Impact Transformation"

Books written by Scopernia's thought leaders

Scopernia has specialized in business transformation and innovation for over a decade. In 2012, Dado Van Peteghem and I wrote a book about it that became a bestseller with tens of thousands of copies sold in over 60 countries.

The model we described in the book was also the basis for our consulting with numerous clients, from Denmark to Dubai, helping them become future-fit for tomorrow's digital world.

For several years now, we have realized that the world is changing even more, which means that it is not only digital disruptors that are driving the transformation. Major societal shifts in areas such as work, housing, mobility, climate, education, healthcare, and the economy are also disrupting the status quo and forcing companies to transform. Not only Amazon is putting pressure on our retailers, but the families who are getting rid of their cars post-Covid, are having a similar disruptive impact on business strategy.

I describe optimistic future scenarios for the world in 2030. Because of Covid, however, this future caught up with us

The World Is Round by Jo Caudron

This shift from digital to societal transformation is the subject of my latest book, "The World is Round," which came out a few months before the Covid crisis. In it, I describe optimistic future scenarios for the world in 2030. Because of Covid, however, this future caught up with us: many of the scenarios became a reality overnight. Temporarily at first, but in the meantime, they have become solidly embedded in our society and economy. Societal transformation is a fact.

Still this term does not cover the full scope. Besides Covid's heavy impact on the economy and society, there is that other big challenge: climate change. More and more organizations are focusing on sustainable business objectives: sustainable investments, sustainable loans, sustainable products are gradually becoming the benchmark for tomorrow's success. It is no coincidence that ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is the new buzz acronym on the average board meeting.

It is no coincidence that ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is the new buzz-acronym on the average board meeting.

Scopernia has adapted to these developments continuously, often even predicting them long before they became topics in board rooms. And we are doing so again now: we no longer talk about "Digital Transformation" (although we are well aware that technology is still an important factor both as a disruptive power and as a problem solver), but rather about "Impact Transformation". In short, this is the domain of business transformation as a result of technological and societal disruptors, with the objective of making an organization financially, socially, and environmentally "successful". We want our clients to become impactful organizations.

To make clear where we stand today, and to explore a number of new themes and concepts, I have written a series of blog posts:

We hope you can relate to these new concepts and that they may be an inspiration.

If you have a transformation challenge and you are looking for a vision for your company in the New Equilibrium, don't hesitate to contact us as well. We might be able to help you.

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