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Discover the Impact Series: 5 articles that elaborate upon Impact Transformation and the New Equilibirum.

Scopernia has specialized in digital transformation for more than 10 years. With hundreds of clients in numerous sectors, we have evolved our consulting framework based on economic, societal and technological evolutions.

That's why we don't talk about Digital Transformation anymore: the concept does not sufficiently cover the challenges of tomorrow. 

We believe that transformation is caused by both technological and societal disruptions. These upset the current balance and status quo within which organizations were able to function for decades.

Our main mission is to help companies find the New Equilibrium: the new operating model for people, society and economy. Once this vision is developed, a transformation strategy can be drawn up.

The objectives of this transformation is to create impactful organizations, where the result is financial, societal and environmental gain.

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Part 1: Digital Transformation is dead, long live Impact Transformation!

This is the summary, briefly highlighting the key concepts of this series.

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Part 2: The Waves Of Transformation: From Digitization To Impact Transformation

A short history lesson that takes us from simple digitization to digital and impact transformation.


Part 3: The two lessons of the Covid crisis.

Change is now happening much faster and bouncing back to pre-Covid behaviour will not be sufficient.


Part 4: In search of the new equilibrium

We have to reinvent the rules of society and economy so that they deal with be big challenges ahead.


Part 5: Why we need Impact Transformation

Impact Transformation explained: transforming the core of your business to have financial, social and environmental gain.



Jeremy DN
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